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Skin Treatment

Each facial service is customized to achieve maximum results for individual skin types: sensitive, teenage or adult acne, sun damaged, dry, mature, hyper pigmentation (dark spots), premature aging and so on. You will receive the type of massage that benefits you most; Lymphatic Drainage, European, Swedish or Reflexology. As your skin needs, so will your facial treatments too.

Onzen Signature Facial

Our signature facial begins with a thorough cleansing and is followed by extraction, enzyme exfoliation, enzymatic tightening & lifting masque, cooling herbal mist, hydrating moisturizer & sun block with relaxing head, neck & shoulder and hand & arm massage. While your skin is renewing, enjoy a stress relieving massage.

60 min. session 80
* Series of 6 420

Onzen Spa Facial

This treatment using microdermabrasion is to remove the dead and damaged skin cells of the outer skin layer. The process stimulates the collagen and elastin beneath the surface to create a firmer, more youthful looking skin and can be used to treat sun­damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged or oily pores, black heads, white head and age spots. Many clients notice their skin seems softer, smoother and younger­looking immediately after treatment.

Face 100
* Series of 6 540

Oxygen Facial

Designed to revitalize the skin, this treatment delivers a high volume of pure O2 molecules directly into the skin without risking irritation or bleaching. Skin cells are detoxified, oxygenated and nourished to make the skin glow. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

75 min. session 130
* Series of 6 720

Onzen Genesis Facial

Genesis facial combines Onzen Signature Facial with the DermAware non-acid Genesis™ Peel with zero-stinging, burning or down time. Proprietary active ingredient helps skin regeneration and new skin grow inside out. The results are fantastic and evident immediately with plumper, firmer, glowing skin. This powerful treatment can benefit all skin types, however, it is an especially powerful tool for photo-aged, mature and even sensitive and rosacea skin. 6 series of treatment is highly recommended for best results.

75 min. session 100
* Series of 6 550

Brightening & Lightening Facial for hyper-pigmented skin

This treatment is one of our specialty treatment, combined whitening and oxygenating agents to lighten and fade hyper-pigmentation. After customized acid peel, lightening gel are applied to lighten and diminish hyper-pigmentation. For best results, a six­week series of treatments is strongly recommended combined with home treatments and daily use of sun block. Lightening peels can be done on the décolleté and hands for an extra charge.

75 min. session 100
* Series of 6 540

Acne Facial

Since every acne skin problem is unique, our licensed esthetician will evaluate the acne treatment suitable for you. After thorough extractions & deep pore cleansing to remove impurities, pure oxygen infusion into your skin will help stop bacterial growth and revitalize skin. Appropriate products will be recommended to help your skin remain acne­free and glowing.

75 min. session 100
* Series of 6 540

PhotoDynamic Therapy for Acne

Photodynamic Therapy, often referred to as PDT, is a 2-step procedure. which is perfect for Acne control, Poresize reduction, Decreased oiliness, Smoother skin tone & Acne scar prevention. Step 1: The first step is the application of the light-absorbing agent Methyl ALA (Methyl Aminolevulinic Acid). The absorption of the Methyl ALA essentially turns acne and oil glands into "targets" for the next step - light. Step 2: The unabsorbed Methyl ALA is removed from your skin and you are placed under a special blue light. This light is drawn to the "targets", strong oxygen radicals are formed and and the bacteria responsible for the acne is killed.

75 min. session 150
* Series of 6 810

Firming and Lifting facial

I-CELL MINI Cry & Lifting system has various pulse & sine waveforms with cryo(ice) & thermal therapy for intensive skin lifting. Non-invasive method for product penetration, regeneration, circulation, reduction of edema while tightening facial contours and also improves muscles strength.

60 min. session 120
* Series of 6 420

META Therapy

Meta Therapy is the acronym for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activating Therapy, which involves making invisible micro-perforations into the upper layer of the skin in a painless way. As a result, the skin shifts its natural repair mechanism into high gear and starts producing collagen and elastin to repair the micro-perforations. The skin becomes firmer and regains its elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, pores become finer, circulation is stimulated and the overall condition of the skin improves. Meta Therapy helps re-activate what your skin has lost over time by turning back the biological clock in a 100% natural way, giving your face a fresher and younger look.

80 min. session 200